About Us

About Us

Our Mission

PLC Exchange is not just an online automation distributor, we are a concentration of automation and controls experience coupled with a in-depth knowledge of product sourcing, distribution and fulfillment. This unique experience allows us to hyper focus on the ability to serve the highest quality products direct to you without the large markups that are carried on traditional distribution channels.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon said in a 1997 interview that “this is the kitty-hawk stage of eCommerce” and we could not agree more. Just like Amazon, we are directly attacking the existing eCommerce market to bring a new method (and simplicity) to how you purchase automation and controls hardware.

Our mission is to sell high quality products directly to you without the extra cost or markup that comes with traditional hardware distribution. We believe that in the automation and controls industry we need to grown together and promote cheaper, faster solutions to remain competitive in today’s global market. Our future depends on it.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create an unrestricted, modern, steam-lined online buying experience for premium automation products. We are working on this daily by building up inventory and distribution partners to bring you the best deals on the highest quality automation and controls hardware that is available.

We aim to be fully transparent in all of our products and services offered at PLC Exchange. Prices are listed, quantity is listed, our shipping is free, we are doing everything in our power to make product sourcing easy and as transparent.

Our goal helps work with our missing by allowing us to create a competitive marketplace that allows you to be competitive in your own unique areas of automation expertise.

Our Commitment

Our commitment to you is to be available in every capacity to support you in your need to acquire premium automation hardware and controls products. We do this by offering as many modern channels of information and communication as possible to allow you to become fully informed about the products you purchase here at PLC Exchange.

If you need help, advice or anything related to automation hardware and controls we encourage you to Contact us so we can leverage our years on industry experience to help you reach your ultimate goal of company success.

We are your business partner. We are here for YOU