Terms and Conditions

1. Product Warranty and Return Policy

Product Warranty and Returns are governed by their own respective policies and should be reviewed before purchase. In summary, one-year warranties are provided on all products purchased excluding any item with a “Used” condition. Warranties are provided through PLC Exchange directly and not through any brand manufacturer or distributor. All purchased products are covered by our standard 30-day return policy. See individual Warranty and Return policies for more details. International purchases are final and returns are not accepted. International warranty claims are handled on a case by case basis and will be addresses individually. We do not guarantee warranty on international purchases at this time. Please see our Warranty Policy for more details.

2. Shipping Policy

Please read and understand our shipping policy. All items are shipped free via USPS (or UPS/FedEx) unless a paid option is elected at checkout.

3. International Shipments & Additional VAT / Tax/ Tariffs Charged by Importing Country / Territory / Etc.

If you are purchasing items with a destination OUTSIDE of the United States (i.e. an International purchase), you may be subject to additional VAT or other tax/tariffs from the importing country/destination. PLC Exchange does not quote, estimate or pay these additional fees and are completely separate from the order total at checkout. These charges are ADDITIONAL to the price at checkout and are the full responsibility of the customer to pay and/or arrange payment. Payment is generally arranged through the shipping company and they will contact you through the provided order email and/or phone number. Items that are not claimed due to non-payment of fees will not be refunded unless the items arrive undamaged back to PLC Exchange. PLC Exchange will then refund the purchase price LESS any additional charges made by the shipping company / US Customs etc. PLC Exchange does not pay any custom fees, duties, tax, VAT or tariffs for any customer for any order. Payment of ALL VAT / Tax / Duty / Tariffs will be through the shipping company and is the full responsibility of the customer. Products are shipped with a declared value of the purchase price ONLY. This is not negotiable.

4. Purchases via Request a Quote or Custom Request Orders

This section covers orders arranged through private communication or through our Request a Quote service. Payment will be made via our online store just like any other purchase. We will create a custom invoice and send you a link for payment. Payment is required up-front for all arranged orders. All purchased products via the above methods are covered by our one-year warranty. We do not accept returns of custom purchased products without prior written consent from PLC Exchange. In general, all custom order sales are final.

5. Delivery Times

Delivery times are given as best estimates as provided by suppliers and/or shipping services. Delivery times are not binding obligations. PLC Exchange works continuously to meet and exceed customer delivery expectations. In the event of a delay, the customer will be notified and discussion can be had on additional options including but not limited to: alternative product sources, upgraded shipping options, etc.

International customers may experience longer delays due to customs clearances, tax/tariff/VAT payment arrangements, or other holds due to any amount of shipping constraints. We make no guarantee of any international delivery and defer estimates to the shipping company.

6. Product Performance

PLC Exchange sells all products “as-is” and provides no guarantee or warranty on product performance. PLC Exchange does not provide any reimbursement related to customer losses or damage due to failed or failing products, under-performing products, or any other combination of events that can lead to customer profit, time, or other losses.

7. Additional Terms and Conditions

Except as represented in this agreement, all products purchased are provided “AS IS”. Other than as provided in this agreement, PLC Exchange makes no other warranties, express or implied, and hereby disclaims all implied warranties, including any warranty of merchantability and warranty of fitness for a particular purpose.

PLC Exchange does not financially protect, warrant, or provide coverage for any loss or damage associated with the purchase or use of any product from PLC Exchange. Loss or Damage means any damage or destruction caused to property of, or otherwise suffered by, the customer (including any loss of profits or loss of use resulting from such damage or destruction) and any other loss, direct or indirect, charge, cost, expense, liability or increased liability howsoever arising suffered or incurred by the customer.


Products may have older date codes or be an older series than those available direct from the factory or authorized dealers. In some cases, product serial numbers may be adjusted from factory to protect supplier source or information. This has no affect of product quality or performance. Because PLC Exchange is not an authorized distributor of this product, the Original Manufacturer’s warranty does not apply. In respect to Allen-Bradley hardware and products, Allen-Bradley products will have firmware already installed, PLC Exchange makes no representation as to whether a product will or will not have firmware and, if it does have firmware, whether the firmware is the revision level that you need for your application. PLC Exchange also makes no representations as to your ability or right to download or otherwise obtain firmware for the product from Rockwell, its distributors, or any other source. PLC Exchange also makes no representations as to your right to install any such firmware on the product. PLC Exchange will not obtain or supply firmware on your behalf. It is your obligation to comply with the terms of any End-User License Agreement or similar document related to obtaining or installing firmware.

In-Stock BOT V2 Terms of Service

PLC Exchange offers our text messaging service AS-IS and makes no claim to provide 100% error-free notifications. Websites may at times limit or completely deny our apps ability to retrieve inventory or product status. If this is detected at bot launch, we will refund your purchase price. If a service blockage happens post launch (direct block, back-end updates, etc.) we will not be able to identify such event.

PLC Exchange does not financially protect, warrant, or provide coverage for any loss or damage associated with the use of In-Stock BOT V2 or any of its related services. PLC Exchange does not financially protect, warrant, or provide coverage for any additional carrier charges or other charges incurred by the customer by using our service by parties other than PLC Exchange.

Text message carrier rates may apply. See your carrier or provider for more details. PLC Exchange makes no further purchases or charges after the initial product payment. We do not guarantee a specific number of text messages that will be sent to a specific phone number as different carriers have different limitations.

PLC Exchange does not sell or share any customer information, customer phone number, product information, or any other distinguishing information related to In-Stock BOT V2 orders or parameters.

In-Stock BOT V2 should not be used for life-threatening or life-saving information or products. We do not guarantee product notifications.

Any changes to product URL, Phone Number, or additional Information will require the purchase of a new In-Stock BOT V2 instance.

Money back guarantee requires proof that the product watched went back in stock and a notification was not provided by In-Stock bot service. We do not cover missed notifications due to carrier blockage or other carrier technical issues.