Warranty Information

All “Factory Sealed”, “New/Open box” products sold at PLC Exchange come with a free one year warranty. All warranties either express or implied are provided by PLC Exchange directly and not through any brand manufacturer or distributor. The warranty period starts the day the purchased product is confirmed delivered by carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) or (3) business days after the original order date if no delivery confirmation is recorded or made available. The “warranty period” is defined as 365 calendar days thereafter the respective case above. Warranty claims cannot be made without valid proof of purchase via a copy of the original order receipt via email or paper copy shipped with original product delivery. Terms and Conditions Apply

Warranty claims will not be processed until the warranted item is returned to PLC Exchange for a full product evaluation. If the product is found to be defective due to any other reason besides manufacturer defect your warranty claim can be denied. Warranty does not cover damage due to excessive or improper use, installation, electrification, storage, or any other combination of uses beyond product design specifications. Warranty does not cover accidental or intentional damage due to storage, use, transport, or any other medium that would cause accidental or intentional damage. PLC Exchange warranty does not cover flood, fire, or any other natural or unnatural disaster (i.e. force majeure).

Warranty does not cover any damages to customer personnel or equipment, loss of profit, loss of time, or any other damages due to the defective or poorly performing product(s). For full details please review our Terms and Conditions.

Warranty Claim Options

There are two valid options for a warranty claim, warrant replacement and warranty return. They are both defined as follows:

  1. Warranty Replacement – PLC Exchange will replace the warranted product with a similar make/model of equal or lesser value. The selected replacement product must be agreed upon by both PLC Exchange and the customer. If there are no products of similar make/model of equal or lesser value, or the customer does not approve replacement, a Warranty Return will be issued in its place.
  2. Warranty Return – Original purchase price of the item will be fully refunded to the customer (less shipping)

Warranty Process

A warranty claim must follow the following steps:

  1. 1) Fill out the Warranty request forum located at the bottom of this page
    2) Return item(s) to PLC Exchange at the following address:

PLC Exchange / Returns
4325 E W T Harris Blvd #44481
Charlotte, NC 28215

3) Wait for PLC Exchange to receive warranted item and process product evaluation (5-10 business days after the warranted item is delivered to the above address)
4) If Warranty Replacement is selected, PLC Exchange will reach out to the customer for replacement options to be agreed upon
5) A final decision will be submitted to the customer as one of the following:

Warranty Replacement Approved – Agreed item is shipped and sent to the customer at no cost to the customer; shipment takes 1-2 business days to process; approximate delivery within 5 business days of the warranty replacement shipment.
Warranty Refund Approved – A full refund of the purchase price plus tax will be refunded within 5 business days to customers’ original method of purchase.
Warranty Denied – A detailed explanation will be provided on why the warranty claim is denied. The most common causes being product damage unrelated to product quality or performance or intentional or accidental damage. See warranty information for more details.

Applying for a Warranty

Please fill out all the required details below to initiate a warranty claim. This forum is for warranty claims only; for standard returns please see our Return Policy