Return Policy

Any product purchased from PLC Exchange is covered by a 30 day worry free return period beginning the day the product is delivered via delivery confirmation by method of shipment (USPS, UPS, FedEX, etc) or 30 days after the third business day from original order if delivery confirmation is not available, whichever comes first.

At any point in time during this return period you may return the product for any reason. To return any product, you must send a email to with your order number and item description for return. A RMA number will be assigned to you to include on your return package address. Once a RMA number is provided, customer will send the item back to the address provided below. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs associated with returning the product back to PLC Exchange. Returns will not be accepted without a valid RMA number.

If you purchased items via Custom Quote/Requested Quote/Special arrangement by PLC Exchange using our “Request a Quote” service, either verbal or written, you are subject to an amended return policy. Items purchased by method of Custom Quote/Requested Quote/Special arrangement cannot be returned without prior agreed written consent of PLC Exchange owners or authorized employees. Any returns made by means of Custom quotes/Requested Quotes/Special arrangement will not be honored by PLC Exchange under this policy unless there is a written consent between all parties. Items purchased via Custom Quote/Requested Quote/Special arrangement by PLC Exchange are still covered by our 1 year warranty; please see our warranty information for more details.

Return Address:

PLC Exchange / Returns
RMA# <number>
4325 E W T Harris Blvd #44481
Charlotte, NC 28215

Upon item return, a full inspection will be made by PLC Exchange staff to confirm the quality and state of the item. If it is determined the customer electrically damaged, physical damaged, or caused any damage due to misuse, improper installation, improper handling & care, or any other negligence, a value will be associated with loss and deducted from the total return amount.

Returns will not be approved for any product deemed electrically damaged due to improper instillation or electrification. No exceptions.

If returned item was purchased as “FACTORY SEALED”, “UNOPENED BOX”, or any other condition where breaking a tape or paper seal voids or transfers ownership, PLC Exchange will impose a 30% restocking fee to cover values losses. This fee will be waved if product is being returned for manufacturing or factory error only.

Last update: 8/19/2020 @ 8:01 PM EST